Group Exhibition at Image Flow, Mill Valley Jan.-Feb.

My fascination with the process of photography began when I was around 6 or 7.  I’d sneak down the stairs into my father’s darkroom and watch, as long as allowed, faces miraculously appear on the paper in the tray my father was rocking back and forth.  A wall of artful portraits was always a prominent part of our home when I was growing up.

As a college student I pursued my years long interest in painting eventually getting my Masters in Fine Arts emphasizing The Practice of Painting from UC Berkeley.  To earn a living I then worked at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art running the art school program in the Education Department.  After 4 years at the museum I became a gallerist working as a sales director at 2 San Francisco galleries before owning my own gallery as co-owner of Ivory/Kimpton Gallery.

Now after being away from actually making art for way too long, I’m finally able to return to the creative process.  I chose to circle back to my roots using photography as my medium.

My grandmother had her first one person painting exhibition at age 72 - this is my inspiration.